BulkPak Containers

ORBIS offers the largest selection of bulk containers in the industry, in footprints from 812 mm x 762 mm to 1,981 mm x 1,219 mm.  ORBIS BulkPak® containers protect product during picking, assembly, processing, storage and distribution applications in many industries, including pharmaceutical, poultry, automotive, appliance, aerospace, bakery, produce, apparel and electronics.

Bulk containers are available in light-duty, medium-duty and heavy-duty designs to meet a wide range of application requirements. These pallet containers are available in collapsible, straight-wall and nestable styles and offer the strength and rugged durability demanded in today’s material handling and distribution systems. 
Add custom designed dunnage for the safe and efficient protection of parts and components throughout your supply chain.
1,000 x 1,200

The HDB1012 BulkPak® collapsible container system was engineered for rugged, high weight applications as well as parts requiring increased packaging protection. Comprised of tough, durable high-density polyethylene, the HDB1012 series is designed to optimize your supply chain while providing key features and benefits such as multiple heights, access door and bottom configurations as well as enhanced repairability features for easy, on-site repair.

1,016 x 1,219

With weight capacities from 680 to 907 kg, ORBIS BulkPak® 4048 Series containers are ideal for all types of food, industrial or beverage applications, as well as for international shipments. These containers, available in multiple heights, are based on the 1,016 mm x 1,219 mm footprint and are offered in a variety of medium-duty and heavy-duty styles to meet a wide variety of application needs.

OPTE Bulk (Sleeve Pack)

The OPTE Bulk Systems comprise of a pallet, sleeve and top cap and  is an economical collapsible bulk containerfor lighter weight loads. Select pallets feature a locking tab that secures the sleeve to the pallet and top cap. Sleeves can be fabricated from paper or plastic corrugated materials with custom features designed to meet a variety of applications. Multiple custom sleeve heights and designs are available. ORBIS offers custom printing and graphics available for easy identification. OPTE Bulk sleeves are available with drop panels, split-sleeves and steel wire reinforced walls. The pallet/top cap design allows for maximum cube utilization in trailers. 

762 x 406

The heavy-duty HDRS3016-19 BulkTote® is ideal for metal stampings and other heavy, dense components.  Designed to hold 226 kg., these containers are built for long-lasting durability in heavy-duty applications.  When empty, the HDRS3016-19 BulkTote has the ability to be manually handled without the need of a forklift.

The internal capacity of traditional handheld and collapsible bulk containers can be underutilized when holding heavy, dense parts due to high weight loads or slower turning SKU's.  With this new smaller profile bulk solution, line side space can be reduced to nearly half while delivering the same amount of product ot the line or doubling the amount of SKU's in the same 812 mm x 762 mm line side footprint.  Additionally, custom protective ORBIShield ® dunnage is available for all ORBIS BulkPak containers.

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