Hand-held Containers

ORBIS hand-held plastic containers bring productivity to today's material handling systems, through standardized workflow and ease of handling. ORBIS' hand-held containers are an economic, environmental and efficient alternative to corrugated boxes or cases and protect products during assembly, processing, storage and distribution.
Choose from a comprehensive selection of bins, boxes and totes that deliver  performance and add value to your operation. Hand-held containers are available in a variety of straight-wall, stack-n-nest and collapsible styles.
Containers are reusable for a long service life and are 100% recyclable. Many totes accommodate custom dunnage for additional product protection for parts and components as they travel the supply chain. 
Bakery Trays

ORBIS Bakery systems drive efficiency in the bakery industry. Baskets are designed for the efficient flow of buns throughout the supply chain...from the bakery to grocery stores, mass merchandisers, restaurants, foodservice/concession outlets and convenience stores. When full, these plastic reusable baskets stack securely for easy transport and merchandising. When empty, they cross-stack and nest for back room and truck space savings. These bun trays can be integrated with automated systems and offer smooth surfaces and contoured corners to prevent product damage. Combine with plastic pallets and dollies for a full system to quickly move, store, ship and merchandise all types of bakery items, from bakery to retail. These plastic trays are fully recyclable at the end of their service life. Asset tracking systems available to reduce loss.

Dairy Cases

ORBIS Dairy Cases are designed for the efficient distribution of fluid milk products and fruit juices from processing facilities to grocery stores, convenience stores and discount stores. Available in two standard footprints mandated by the dairy industry, these cases offer exceptionally reinforced corners and bottoms. Designed for a long service life, ORBIS cases maintain their shape and performance through stacking, pressure washing and transportation.


ORBIS hand-held stack and nest containers protect product during picking, assembly, processing, storage and distribution applications in a wide variety of industries, including pharmaceutical, poultry, automotive, appliance, aerospace, bakery, produce, apparel and electronics. Stack and nest bins and totes are available in several styles to add superior space savings for efficient storage and distribution. ORBIS containers stack when full, either with a cover or when rotated at 180 degrees. When empty, they efficiently nest inside one another for superior savings. Stack-n-nest containers are nestable within their own footprint, with nest ratios up to 4:1 and are an an economic, environmental and efficient alternative to corrugated boxes or cases. 

Beverage Shells

Injection-molded in high-density polyethylene, ORBIS Beverage Shells are designed for the distribution of beverage bottles from the bottling facility to grocery stores, convenience stores, discount stores, foodservice/concession outlets, restaurants, vending machines and hospitals.

All shells are fully compatible with the most popular crates and pallets in use today.


ORBIS hand-held straight-wall containers protect parts during assembly, processing, storage and transportation in a wide variety of industries, including automotive, appliance, aerospace and electronics. ORBIS offers several styles of straight-wall containers that provide superior cube efficiency to allow more product per container, for increased productivity. Straight-wall containers are an economic, environmental and efficient alternative to corrugated boxes or cases. 


Take the air out of shipping and storage costs with the Hand-Held Folding Container System. To sharpen material handling efficiency, ORBIS' folding containers offer more capacity, less wasted space, reduced shipping and storage costs. They quickly assemble or collapse in only 3.8 seconds. Containers are an economic, environmental and efficient alternative to corrugated boxes or cases when shipping long distances. With their straight-wall design, the consistent inside dimensions at the top and bottom of the totes allow even multiple layer dunnage to be easily installed and removed.


A variety of accessories are available for ORBIS plastic containers to increase their efficiency and flexibility, including covers and dollies. Please note that not all options are applicable to all products. Please contact your ORBIS Sales Representative for details about availability, minimum order quantities, lead times and set-up charges.

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