Meet the New PALLY

Streamline your fulfillment, distribution and merchandising efforts faster, easier and with greater versatility.

More Than a Pallet. More Than a Dolly.

Redefine Supply Chain Efficiency.

Supply chain distribution has followed traditional handling methods for far too long. The Pally® is changing all that. Designed to meet distribution needs across a range of applications, the Pally is transforming the supply chain with never-before-seen versatility, ease of use and efficiency.

Unprecedented Versatility.

Convert from mobile to static for end-to-end supply chain versatility.

  • The mobility of a dolly with the functionality of a static pallet, all in one

  • Designed for use with standard material handling equipment

  • Available in 800mm x 600mm (31.5″ x 23.6″) and 1000mm x 600mm (39.4″ x 23.6″) footprints

  • One-touch merchandising

User-Friendly Design.

Experience the safety, functionality and seamless integration that embodies the user-driven design of the pally. 

  • Contoured deck handles

  • Patented cam  mechanism

  • 4-ways fork truck and 2-way fork truck access

  • Rubber braking stabilizers

  • Optional locking handle hinges over the Pally when not in use.

Greater Efficiency.

Move goods from the truck to the point of sale for a one-touch replenishment operation.

  • Accelerate DC load and unload times at retail locations

  • Small-format footprint easily maneuvers through narrow spaces

  • Stacks to maximize trailer capacity

Small-Format Footprint.

Optimize space in the warehouse, on the truck and at retail.

  • Efficient alternative to floor-loading product

  • Narrow pallet design for improved trailer cube utilization

  • Maneuvers through narrow doors and tight aisles

Lasting Toughness.

Enjoy a long service life in rugged distribution environments.

  • Maintenance free cam designed for longevity

  • Castor durability over rough terrain

  • Fully field-repairable components

Load Stability.

Secure loads with confidence.

  • Pop-up locators eliminate shifting of full and split-case loads

  • Rubber braking stabilizers withstand lateral force

  • Allows for versatile load configuration

  • Corner grips secure 600mm x 400mm (800mm x 600mm Pally) and 600mm x 500mm (1000mm x 6000mm Pally) straight-wall totes

Pop-up locators
Rubber braking stabilizers
Optional corner grips
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