Meet the New PALLY

More Than a Pallet. More Than a Dolly.

Streamline your fulfillment, distribution and merchandising efforts faster, easier and with greater versatility.

Redefine Supply Chain Efficiency.

Supply chain distribution has followed traditional handling methods for far too long. The Pally® is changing all that. Designed to meet distribution needs across a range of applications, the Pally is transforming the supply chain with never-before-seen versatility, ease of use and efficiency.

Unprecedented Versatility.

Convert from mobile to static for end-to-end supply chain versatility.

  • The mobility of a dolly with the functionality of a static pallet, all in one

  • Designed for use with standard material handling equipment

  • Available in 800mm x 600mm (31.5″ x 23.6″) and 1000mm x 600mm (39.4″ x 23.6″) footprints

  • One-touch merchandising

User-Friendly Design.

Experience the safety, functionality and seamless integration that embodies the user-driven design of the pally. 

  • Contoured deck handles

  • Patented cam  mechanism

  • 4-ways fork truck and 2-way fork truck access

  • Rubber braking stabilizers

  • Optional locking handle hinges over the Pally when not in use.

Greater Efficiency.

Move goods from the truck to the point of sale for a one-touch replenishment operation.

  • Accelerate DC load and unload times at retail locations

  • Small-format footprint easily maneuvers through narrow spaces

  • Stacks to maximize trailer capacity

Small-Format Footprint.

Optimize space in the warehouse, on the truck and at retail.

  • Efficient alternative to floor-loading product

  • Narrow pallet design for improved trailer cube utilization

  • Maneuvers through narrow doors and tight aisles

Lasting Toughness.

Enjoy a long service life in rugged distribution environments.

  • Maintenance free cam designed for longevity

  • Castor durability over rough terrain

  • Fully field-repairable components

Load Stability.

Secure loads with confidence.

  • Pop-up locators eliminate shifting of full and split-case loads

  • Rubber braking stabilizers withstand lateral force

  • Allows for versatile load configuration

  • Corner grips secure 600mm x 400mm (800mm x 600mm Pally) and 600mm x 500mm (1000mm x 6000mm Pally) straight-wall totes

Pop-up locators
Rubber braking stabilizers
Optional corner grips