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ORBIS Highlights the Pally's Bakery Benefits at IBIE

The pallet/dolly combination supports a variety of trays for safer product handling and displaying OCONOMOWOC, Wis. — October 8, 2016 — ORBIS® Corporation, an international manufacturer of reusable packaging and supply chain optimization expert, will feature its latest product innovation, the Pally® at the 2016 International Baking Industry Exposition (IBIE) in Las Vegas. The Pally, part pallet and part dolly, seamlessly converts from mobile to static for enhanced replacement, display and transportation processes. The Pally will be available at Booth 3324 along with ORBIS experts to discuss operational trends related to the baking industry.

Supply chain solution for the baking industry The Pally offers the mobility of a dolly with the functionality of a static pallet, all in one. When mobile, the Pally quickly converts to static mode with a press of the pedal. When static, the rubber braking stabilizers ensure the Pally withstands lateral force, allowing it to be safely stored, displayed and transported. This unique capability results in greater end-to-end supply chain versatility for increased efficiency. The ease of transporting and unloading the Pally can speed up route delivery processes. No additional restraints are needed in trucks when the Pally is in static mode, and material can be rolled off a truck directly to its destination, eliminating extra equipment and labor. For bakery products, the Pally can be used with plastic trays and a metal racking system to create a shopper-ready, mobile solution, alleviating the need for retail associates to restock product. The Pally is even efficient for small-format retailers, like bakeries. The optional locking handle allows it to be pushed or pulled, and the contoured deck handles and lightweight structure enable ergonomic handling. The Pally supports frequent product deliveries and easily maneuvers in tight spaces, such as narrow doorways and aisles. Also, the mobility of the Pally eliminates the need for hand trucks and hand carts in-store, creating additional backroom storage space.

Trending: the need for global supplier and asset visibility As customers expand globally, there is a greater demand for long-term partnerships with their suppliers. This trend is highly important to customers looking for a reliable, local expert to understand their global supply chain, create engineered solutions and drive system-wide innovation. ORBIS, as a global supplier, is a differentiator in these areas. “ORBIS leads the industry in having a variety of locations around the world — including Canada, Europe, China and, more recently, Mexico — that provide localized customer support and contact on a global scale,” said Raquel Serna, product manager for ORBIS. “This trend is sure to increase in importance over time, as we strengthen customer partnerships and create new ones to bring plastic packaging to even more supply chains.” Another ongoing operational trend is asset visibility, which helps thwart bakery packaging theft and loss. Many customers turn to radio-frequency identification (RFID) technology or bar coding to help track their products. RFID technology will track product details and cater data to customer needs. RFID tags can also track manufacturing dates, expiration dates and transportation routes for issues like product recalls. This technology can be integrated in bakery trays for efficient asset management. During IBIE, visit Booth 3324 to speak with ORBIS experts for more details about the latest trends in the baking industry and to see the Pally in action. Visit for more information on the Pally and to explore more of ORBIS’ offerings.


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