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ORBIS RPM Receives Quality Award from Nissan

ORBIS Reusable Packaging Management (RPM) received the Enhancing Quality Award at the 2016 Nissan Logistics Conference, held in Nashville, Tenn. According to Nissan North America, it recognized ORBIS RPM for its overall contribution to the Nissan Power 88 Business Plan. Specifically, in Mexico for the 2015 financial year, the Big Truck Project continued, which was recognized as a breakthrough activity. ORBIS RPM and Transportes Larmex S.A. collaborated to support this project. Collectively they helped make improvements to the transport equipment involved, for added part protection during transit.

ORBIS RPM and Larmex conducted a Kaizen, which resulted in the 2nd generation of the Big Truck Project. The efforts and activities related to this Kaizen tremendously reduced damage and equipment durability. This award recognizes Larmex and ORBIS’ support of Nissan’s Enhancing Quality Pillar. In addition to these services, ORBIS is also Nissan’s single-source supplier of reusable totes, pallets and BulkPaks.


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