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Choose from plastic curbside collection recycling boxes, organic recycling bins, the SYSTERN Rain Barrel and the Earth Machine™ Backyard Compost Bin to improve recycling rates, conserve natural resources and help the environment. These products, now from ORBIS Corporation, has been preferred by municipalities and haulers in the United States, Canada and beyond for decades.
ORBIS understands how recycling and diversion programs work. Our team of experts work with municipalities and haulers to identify recycling/diversion goals and assist in planning curbside recycling or diversion programs to meet the needs of residents. With value-added educational programming, community outreach and environmental expertise, ORBIS helps communities meet their waste diversion goals while improving the health of the planet we all care about.
Organic Waste Carts/Bins

ORBIS organic waste carts and bins provide consumers with convenient solutions for keeping food waste out of landfills.

Designed with comfortable, large handles and easy-opening lids, these BPA-free environmental plastic containers look as great as they perform inside and outside the home.

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